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Rest, Recover, Recharge

Helping encourage recovery through illustration.

Design Printing Client
localkristine Murat Saman lululemon

The Challenge

  • To create characters representing the cycle of "Rest, Recover, and Recharge" for the walls of Lululemon (at 318 Queen St.)
  • To stick within a limited colour palette while incorporating their existing visual identity.
  • To design a map accompanying Lululemon's annual 10K run within my established style.

The Solution

Wall Illustrations


The Space

The Process


Before settling on the final, we explored the idea of aligning each word to an element.

The final concept focused on fusing illustrations with user interface elements to point out how we often "treat ourselves like machines" and the power in "being over doing."


Shoutouts to Murat Saman and Reggie Tenchavez!