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Game Art

Worlds from squares (and other shapes).


Illustration libraries and UI from #SelfCare, a wellness app cultivating sanctuary through actions rooted in tend-and-befriend frameworks.


A game about getting something nice for someone you love. See the full process and case study here.

Rage Against the Vending Machine

Illustrations and UI Design from Venting Machine, a game about an interdimensional friend making friends in liminal space. Co-created for TOJam 2022.


A friendly and emotional assistant, helping enhance mobile messaging by providing users with semantic visual content (emoji, stickers, gifs, kaomoji). Existed as a floating app for Android and a companion website.

Interactive web form (now archived) showing Dango understanding the difference between love and loss.

Monster Missions

Helping children reimagine routines and overcome fear. This system gamifies routine to turn tasks into adventures — placing children in positions of leadership to develop their self-esteem, initiative, and independence. All while creating a supportive environment for them and their guardian(s) to discuss worries, milestones, and progress.

Pixel Art

Assets from a scavenger hunt birthday game.