Safe travels!

Forest Fiends

A zine about letting go — or a strange camping trip.

Illustration + Design

The Concept

  • To create a small journal featuring forest finds (or fiends, or friends).
  • To convey the feeling of letting go — hopefully just vaguely enough to attach onto an abundance of scenarios.
  • To turn an excess of personal negativity and stress into something freeing.

The Final

Forest Fiends is a 16-page zine pretending to be a stranger's grid sketchbook. It features seven illustrations, six written entries, a page of tool tests, and two blank pages intended for readers to add their own entries. Alternatively, these pages can be used for custom artwork if requested.

The entire zine is printed on a single sheet of paper.


When emotions become too much, my therapist gives me crayons and thick paper to draw out my thoughts. Once, afterwards, she asked if I wanted to burn the pages. it was incredibly cathartic, ridiculously cool, and there was a fireball at the end due to overlooked science rules. I wanted to replicate that feeling of relief and release. This illustration intends to visualize the fire which burns those memories taking in your feelings and reacting with empathy before dissolving them.

These characters were sparked from the calm and peace I find while stargazing and making wishes. The Suneaters were intended to seem villainous but in reality are collecting wishes to help fulfill them. Seen briefly at the start, their counterparts return towards the end of the zine to reveal your wish has been taken care of.