Safe travels!

Concept Illustrations

Exploring ideas, building worlds.

Spurred from lingering notions of inadequacy, a lack of self-worth, and the dragging depths when surrounded by self-sustained negativity.
Reality is reality and I stay present (but sometimes it feels like I'm not really here.)

A rapid succession of new experiences, stacked high. some are dense, compressed, crumpled pages of frustration and misunderstanding. Others are light wisps noting clarity and ease. Contents vary from one-sided exclamations to supportive shared experiences, all coming together to summarize my mental state — the power of reflecting on, learning from, and filing away all these chapters to make room for new memories. ♥

Something something; constant personal growth and change and tumultuous emotions and healing and learning and unlearning and finding the spaces, people, and experiences that deserve my time and energy and love. Grateful for the growth but oof my heart hurts.