Measuring Success

Highlighting the impact of Ontario's Interactive Digital Media sector.

animation illustration

The Challenge

  • To create a video for Interactive Ontario, visually conveying key points about the contributions and changes within Ontario's Interactive Digital Media sector since their last report in 2017.

The Solution

Illustration + Animation by localkristine
Voice + Audio by Robbie Adolfo

The Process


The process began with a script, provided by Interactive Ontario. From this, a rough storyboard was created with initial concepts which were organized into a shot list. Upon approval, the sketches were adapted into low-fidelity digital images before final stylization based on the chosen moodboard.

Rough Storyboard

Shot List (Sample)

Digital Rough Storyboard

Chosen Moodboard


Each stage involved the creation of an animatic. Substitute voices and in-progress drafts of the music were used as placeholders. Some scenes, even after being fully rendered, ended up being cut from the final for clarity or time.

Animatic: Rough Storyboard

Animatic: Digital Rough