Safe travels!

something moody, something dreamy

new craft time!

i have a habit of picking up hobbies at the slightest whim as a way to bring my inner-child love...

seeking to escape screens and create something physical, feel-able, and real, i dropped everything for the last lil while to pursue punch needling.

tired of approaching art from foundations, i made my first two templates guided by emotion and delight.

Piece #01: Wall Art

the first venture was kind of a mess tbh but i learned a lot about the level of detail possible with certain thread thicknesses, designs, and stitch counts. oh, and that despite watching multiple videos reminding viewers to flip their designs i still forgot to do so, haha

this design stemmed from feelings of unravelling and creation, un-being and becoming. i tend towards abstractness and hands when depicting difficult emotions. i ended up with two variations to convey this which may be best understood when they're viewed side-by-side. ended up going with the simpler one because omg so many lil details.

Piece #02: Coaster

the second time around went better! constantly surrounded by cups of tea and the inevitable accumulation of associated stains, i sought to create a dreamy and functional addition to my desk space. then this lil pond bb coaster came to life! a field of flowers to lovingly hold my cups. when not doing that, it doubles as a lil bit of nature and greenery (without the maintenance).

this one also had a few variations. i ended up going with a pond center because of how cool it'd be to look at through a glass of water. i learned that in templates i need to keep some kind of stitch width barometer in mind. this coaster and the previous wall art design didn't think about how many stitches it would take to make the outline of the pond vs. the petal outlines, for example.

(also, yes, the pond through water brought me lotsa joy hehe)

i think next time i try this i'll be making smaller, more pixel-art like flowers instead of these big blossoms. they're super cute in theory but would work better with a larger canvas size (or thinner yarn? hmm).

i'll be showing the process for both of these pieces a lil more in a future youtube video. their video files are patiently awaiting my brain and heart to be kinder to themselves so the editing process can begin.

( been fragile lately but learning new things helps me continue stepping into each new day )

(( sending u luv if you're feeling similarly ))


— much thanks to midnight creative for such lovely supplies and denzel for making punch needling feel so attainable and desirable to do!

drawing of girl in glasses with star eyes, hands up, towards a floating circle with a stitched smileyface.