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hello, world


drawing of girl in ponytail and glasses with hands on her face, smiling and blushing. two layered browser windows are to her left. they read "new! (kinda)". the image is textured with lots of halftones. stars scatter around the background.

haha, hi i haven't written a blog post since i was active on tumblr!!! this feels so weird!!!

at the end of 2020 i spent a lot of time thinking about how i exist on the internet. there were many flashbacks to past blogspot / deviantart / livejournal / tumblr posts — dually proud and embarrassed as i saw my past!selves progress in self-discovery.

it surfaced thoughts about how those spaces were designed to treat content versus what feels more prevalent on the social media sites i now frequent. while younger!me spent many joyful hours customizing my blogs to align with my ever-changing sense of identity, over time i've grown accustomed to the opposite. instead of redesigning sites to fit my needs i've been redesigning my art to fit the sites.

as my communities moved to twitter and instagram, my work began to change to better inhabit these new environments. i've unintentionally exclusively drawn on square canvases for years in the name of optimizing my grid. i've become used to spending more time researching ways to be seen than making things...then wondering why i don't feel fulfillment in my art anymore.

so that's what this space is for! to do whatever i want lol!! making and documenting, unencumbered by image dimension restrictions, timezones, unflattering crops, or the desires of anyone but me! ( many thank yous to you, for reading this, tho! )

i wonder what'll come next. most ideally some super in-depth process work stuff! maybe more lil' feels spiels like this? who knows! but i hope this is a sweet moment for some future!me, feeling nostalgic, on a tour of our internet identities, seeking proof of how we've grown.


— much love and thanks to ross for helping me bring my site over to zola, answering my infinite confused questions about the language i still am only 75% certain is Rust, and for putting me onto hattendo and their ☆ cream puff buns ☆

though this may look super similar to my old site, this mostly-under-the-hood revamp is infinitely more efficient! the tags you see actually link to tag pages! each new page doesn't require its own individual html file! now i don't have to manually update individual pages every time i need to make a change to the navigation, footer, or layout!! i feel powerful.

(( omg i could probably sign off each of these with a dramatic 2000s-era style forum signature ))