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something moody, something dreamy

i have a habit of picking up hobbies at the slightest whim as a way to bring my inner-child love...

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feeling very 「i need to stop declaring what i'm supposed to be and start meeting myself where i am 」

feeling very 「over my patterns of needing to be seen as impressive, necessary, desirable」

feeling very 「i don't want to brand myself anymore — i'm a human not a consistent potential hire」

hello, world

drawing of girl in ponytail and glasses with hands on her face, smiling and blushing. two layered browser windows are to her left. they read "new! (kinda)". the image is textured with lots of halftones. stars scatter around the background.

haha, hi i haven't written a blog post since i was active on tumblr!!! this feels so weird!!!

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