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What's included in a commission?

  1. Work-in-progress updates
  2. A screen-resolution .PNG file
  3. A print-ready file (or print) for personal use
  4. A ton of thankful emojis!!!

Terms & Conditions

By requesting a commissioned piece you automatically agree to the policies stated on this page:

All commissions are for personal use only.

  • The image/s cannot be used for profitable intentions such as resale, merchandise, monetized youtube videos, or any other kind of profitable redistribution.
  • Watermark or signatures cannot be modified or hidden
  • Please properly credit and link back to me if you repost the image/s.
  • I reserve the right to include the image and its process works in my portfolio and related displays.
  • I reserve the right to cancel our agreement and return your payment at any time.

For commercial-use illustrations, please contact me through this form.

Please keep in mind it could be awhile before you receive your final illustration, especially if there are multiple people in the queue. Tight deadlines are subject to a rush fee but otherwise I will do my best to ensure the wait is worth it!

Payment Process

After receiving a reply confirming your commission request and a price quote, please send payment via e-transfer to the given e-mail address. Please send payment in CAD ($) whenever possible. No refunds*.

50% of the total price is due once you have received the quote, to reserve your spot in the queue. The remainder of the payment is due upon completion of the work and before the submission of final files.

Before your final payment, you will receive a rough sketch, updates upon request, and a preview of the final image as proof of its completion.

* If your commission is not completed after three (3) months from the moment you're notified of your turn in the queue, you have the right to ask for your payment back.

Commission Specifications

The commission request form will ask for the following details:

  • Subject • What am I drawing for you? A portrait? Fanart? An OOTD?
  • Number of Subjects • Maximum of three (some exceptions).
  • Crop • Headshot, torso, or full body.
  • Context • (If relevant) Do you plan to use this illustration for any specific purpose? Like a framed print, birthday card, etc. This helps determine if I need to use a specific image dimension!
  • Style • Based on the samples section, which style should I use to draw your commission?
  • References • Please provide as many as possible — Photos, hairstyles, clothing, expression, poses, palette, personality traits, etc. If you have a particular vision and can provide a simple sketch that would be stellar! Otherwise, I will assume complete artistic freedom.
  • Codeword • Found somewhere on this page to ensure you've read through the policies and requirements.


I will not draw:

  • Anything that mimics or copies another artist's style (commission them instead!)
  • Heavily intricate backgrounds and environments.
  • Furries (Seek and support specialized artists!)
  • Art that intends to be tattooed without confirmed consent from your tattoo artist.
  • Any form of explicit sexual content.
  • Racist/homophobic/mysogynistic/offensive content or anything in support of people or organizations related to the aforementioned.
  • Anything that goes against my personal values.

I'd love to work on:

  • Fashion/outfit illustrations
  • Especially dynamic or exaggerated poses
  • Poses/simple animation based on dancing (with consent from the choreographer)
  • Food
  • Magical girls

Prices & Styles

Prices are based off a single-subject illustration and may modify based on complexity.


  • Headshot: $60
  • Torso: $80
  • Full Body: $100


  • Headshot: $80
  • Torso: $100
  • Full Body: $150


  • Headshot: $100
  • Torso: $150
  • Full Body: $200


  • Torso: $200
  • Full Body: $300

These prices are a base guideline and may differ from your quote. After your request is submitted and approved, we can discuss a price that is fair for the both of us.

Feel free to reach out or include any questions in your request! Please be sure to include the c/odeword: Salamancer.

Additional Fees
  • +20% for significant changes to the final image. Minor revisions are free within reason.
  • +50% for additional characters. Maximum of three.
  • +50% for any requested subject matter without client-provided references.
  • $__ to be determined, for printing and shipping costs if the client requests a physical print.

Fees are calculated from your quoted base price.