FUSE Izakaya

Hyperfuturistic ramen and deconstructed sake — for here or to go?


The Problem

How can we attract millenials to a Japanese-fusion Izakaya, without sacrificing cultural roots? How can a brand be both modern and traditional?

The Solution

FUSE draws upon the technology of Neo Tokyo — a cybercentric concept of Japan — to bring a contemporary twist to the traditional experience of izakaya dining. Reminiscent of hyperfuturistic UIs, this brand is a callback to technology found in comics and anime, creating a nostalgic connection. Think: robots, technopunk, mecha/gundams, and Megaman.

Ikko Tanaka is the influence for the branding, known for his fusion of modernism and Japanese tradition. Bold colours and the simplification of images through shape and text are inspired by his work.


The characters used in the Japanese version of the name plays with dual meanings. It is equivalent to the English for a "lit fuse", while also being a close spelling to “lips”, and containing a symbol resembling an arrow to imply the action of moving onward.

Repeated Visuals

Food, reimagined into UI elements. Soba, Sake + Cup, Ramen, Dango, Lantern

Main and Secondary Colours


In-House Visuals

Environmental Posters
Uniforms, Hologram Menus, Dinnerware, Take-Out Bags


Mini Kendama USBs, Lantern USBs, T-Shirts, Phone Cases, Stationery

Website Mockup


Logomark Variants